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My Approach

I am trained as a humanistic and integrative counsellor. 


As a humanist therapist, I focus on self-development and growth, helping clients to recognise their strengths. Talking about your difficulties and exploring the reasons behind them can provide the awareness and insight to make change possible. I am a firm believer that everyone has the potential to change, but it can be hard to do alone.  I find that the strength of the relationship that I make with my clients lies at the heart of successful therapy.  Together, we'll explore your situation, and as you a gain greater understanding of yourself, you will make significant breakthroughs.  

Everyone is different and my integrative training allows me to draw from various therapeutic skillsets to best suit your individual needs. We will look at how past events and unconscious thoughts may be affecting your current patterns of behaviour. At the same time, we may also agree on some more practical interventions if there is a specific behavioural pattern which is causing distress. 


Counselling offered me insights, not opinions

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